Born and raised in small-town Anjar in Gujarat, currently working in Avesta Technologies as a Senior Software Engineer and living in Ahmedabad, India.

I got involved in web development after landing my first (also my current) job after college. I had an incline towards web technologies since college and the single major factor behind this was its sheer size of community even back then in 2010.

The amount of readily coded stuff the community pushes out is very attractive for a college student building his first website!

In these many years, I have worked across the stack in various capacities and technologies. From large scale web apps, mobile apps and working with the cloud I have lead multiple teams on the frontend side of things with a penchant of writing clean code with best practices.


Being in a small team in Avesta Technologies has exposed me to many different parts of building software from the technical perspective.

Early on in my career, I started with developing web apps using Javascript frameworks using Ext.JS for a few years before getting onto the AngularJS side of things.

With AngularJS I was responsible for setting up core services layer and architecture of frontend project which was then used throughout the company for all web projects and continues to be in use today.

Later I was involved in investigating performance on the web as well as mobile apps and had pretty good exposure on improving code quality keeping in mind performance. (I wrote a small guide too for AngularJS 1.x apps at that time)

For the last couple of years, I have been leading teams working on building web and mobile apps using React & React Native. I have also trained small teams on getting started with React and setting up best practices. Code reviews are now part of my daily job as a senior engineer.

Along with large exposure on the frontend side of things, I was responsible for deploying apps on clouds using containers and hence I am fairly experienced in setting up infrastructure and deploying frontend and backend services that are required to operate at scale.

For more details, download my resume here.


I still work at Avesta Technologies as a Senior Software Engineer.

My role currently involves more of architecting/setting up things and mentoring junior devs, but I am still involved in the day to day coding in various capacities.

I also have AWS Developer Associate certfication to my name which is a result of my production grade experience with various AWS Services.

I am currently looking out for speaking opportunities.

Feel free to contact me here for consultancy, writing or speaking inquiries.

About this site

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