My very first post on my blog. Following the tradition let's say the World a Hello!

After hours of juggling through Jekyll articles, GitHub build errors and other tutorials finally this is the first post that I am just after taking my blog live. WOOT WOOT!!

If you are a developer then you would be familiar with this "Hello World" title but if you are not then these are the two words everyone is told to use in their code when they just start out in their journey to become coders. So after 5 years into this journey, it becomes apt for me to use the same two words for my first blog post.

Actually, this is the second blog of mine, first one exists on Blogspot but it's been ages since I last updated it. Also, I used to blog for leisure back then as I had literally no technical know-how about any of the things concerning developing something through code.

Inspiration behind this blog

I have been working at a startup here in Ahmedabad for more than 2 years now. I have worked only on the web and on the front as well as on the backend. I also do a couple of side projects in my free time to explore newer technologies and mess with them. All of this has taught me a lot and a lot means literally like a lot.

I have till now worked only with open source projects and hence it was the community to whom I reached out whenever I got stuck with any issues. The kind of community that exists in this line of work is hardly matchable. Tons of people writing billions of lines of code and posting them online for free is just amazing. Its been overwhelming at times the amount of stuff that comes out every day which indicates how vibrant this community of open source developers is.

After receiving so much I tend to give back to the community as much as I can now that I possess some skills that can be of help to someone who is new to it or is just starting out. The yearning to write an article grew particularly strong when I was struck while working on a mobile application and when I tried to google the issue, I rarely got the answers that I was looking for. Finally, I did manage to develop it and hence I wanted to help other developers to make sure they don't struggle to find help if they are stuck somewhere.

I also tried contacting few websites that regularly post content such as Sitepoint but the response wasn't too encouraging and hence I decided to go for my own blog.

Blog's up. What next?

I will be using this space as and when I can to write not only about web development but also about other musings in my life such as the trips I go to etc. Also this blog and the technology powering this blog would not have been possible without Open Source so there would be a short article soon crediting them and the process to build such a blog for yourself.

Till then 😀